Terminal Cheatsheet

Set default directory when ssh’ing into a server

Set default directory when ssh’ing into a server: Add cd /dir/to/start/in to .bashrc on the server

Merge one directory into another: rsync -a /src/ /destination/

Search for occurrences of a string in a directory and it’s sub directories but only output the filename, useful if the string you’re searching for is found in a log because it will prevent the string being output a gazillion times: grep -rl "string to search for" ./dir/to/search

Quickly check if you have opened a php tag like <?: grep -rn '.' -e '<?' | sed '/<?php/d' | grep '.php'

WHM Specific

The following are specific to servers running whm.

Show what sites are using a specific php version:

whmapi1 php_get_vhosts_by_version version=ea-php56

Learning website development: Starting right

I recently attended a meetup where quite a lot of people where new to web development and where interested in pursuing it as a career. Throughout the course of the event I realised that a lot of these people where causing themselves a lot of headaches and as anyone who’s been through the process of learning web development will know, the last thing you want to do is be giving yourself more obstacles and headaches than what’s necessary.

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Defining a “real need” in business and product development

In their book Lean software development: An Agile Toolkit Mary and Tom Poppendieck discuss how 3M encourages all staff to develop new products, they also discuss the approval process for these products. At 3M there are three very small “hurdles” a team must surpass to progress their idea to the next level:

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Live like nobody likes you

Often times when I’m thinking of writing a post, creating something or saying something to someone I don’t. Why? Because I start to think what I’m about to put out into the world will cause someone I hardly know (or even someone I know well) to think less of me/not like me. I think a lot of people who struggle with anxiety have experienced this and it can really prevent you from doing something good/positive/incredible. How can we get around this? Live like nobody likes you.

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